The Friends of Lucien Poignant aims to make the artist's work, life and personality better known through his time and his contemporaries, contribute to publications, organize events, contribute to events , And finally to encourage the good guard of all memories about him such as photographs, works.

Make the work known

We contribute to make known the works of the painter Lucien Poignant, as well his oil paintings representing nocturnal landscapes as his pastels, his watercolors or even his drawings.

Discovery of the painter

Alongside the promotion of works by the artist, the association wishes to introduce, to the greatest number, the personality of Lucien Poignant through his time and especially his contemporaries.

Keeping in mind

It is essential to preserve the image of this painter by making sure that no malice takes place against him, in particular by monitoring the numerous errors that can circulate against him.

Publish documents

Our role is to contribute, as far as possible, to any publication concerning the painter Lucien Poignant as well as to publish documents, books or articles.

Recieved catalog

We work on the creation of a catalog raisonné in partnership with art experts. We list the works of the artist, but also the photographs, all related documents.

Celebrating events

Following the solicitations, the association agrees to participate in the events, exhibitions and celebrations related to the painter. We are present in the organization of events.

Lucien Poignant

French artist painter born in 1905.

French painter Lucien PoignantBorn in 1905 in Chambéry, France, his teacher, the painter Marcel Mergier, detects his gift for drawing in his pupil and encourages him to follow this path. As a result of his studies, he obtained a job in the prefecture of Savoy, but very quickly the young Lucien showed an ever-growing interest in art and especially painting. He became acquainted with the painter Joseph Communal, whose reputation and reputation was well established. It is next to this master that Lucien Poignant will learn the use of the knife to paint his paintings. Very quickly, it evolves and it begins to expose. His painting pleases and delight art lovers. In 1930, he married Nancie Belle whom he met in a contest at the casino in Aix-les-Bains and whose young girl won a painting by Lucien. Under the influence of her husband, she went on to paint pictures throughout her life. They lead the life of an artist, travel through France, exhibit as well in Marseille as in Paris, in Saint Etienne as in Lyon ... In the capital of the Dukes of Savoy, Lucien Poignant comes to swell the ranks of a community of Painter already well established. He became friends with painters like Henri Mege and Francis Cariffa. He regularly visits the Janin Gallery under the arcades of the Rue de Boigne. The second world war disrupts this bohemian life. He is then a young father, the exhibitions are canceled. During this dark period, Lucien Poignant continues to paint. At the end of 1940, the painter showed signs of fatigue. Then very quickly his health deteriorated. He died on February 11, 1941 in Lyon.

Recieved catalog

Census of works, documents, photographs...

Painting of the Savoyard painter Lucien Poignant

Census of Works

We collect all the works of the painter Lucien Poignant, the oil paintings, the pastels, the watercolors, the drawings, the works of youth ... Do not hesitate to contribute to this catalog raisonné by transmitting photographs, if possible in High definition, paintings of these artists, accompanied by the type of support (canvas, panel ...), dimensions outside the frame and possibly the provenance or any information about the work.

Landscape painting of the Savoy painter Lucien Poignant

Census of Documents

It is for us, interesting to find any document related, near or far, with the painter Lucien Poignant. We are looking for old press articles, handwritten letters or publications in academic, artistic, cultural or other works.

Painting landscape of the Savoy painter Lucien Poignant

Census of photographs, ...

Besides photographs of paintings, we also record all the photographic photographs in which Lucien Poignant and his relatives. Finally, in general, the association is interested in any testimony or information relating to the personality of Lucien Poignant.


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